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Paperman - Paper Calculator for Book Production.
Paperman is an app which calculates the number of reams of paper needed to produce your book.
This is the best companion that helps to design and publish books.

Swipe left on the main screen to search for papers. You may browse or calculate the price.

If you want to know the type of paper used in a book, you can scan the ISBN barcode. Paperman will then provide you with information about the paper. (Paperman supports Ahn Graphics books, and supported titles are constantly being added with updates.)

Check price information and tap to calculate. You can change the discount rate. Price can be viewed with or without VAT.

[Spine Width]
You can find out the thickness of the book’s spine in mm. You can see the actual size after calculate the spine width. If you use several different papers in a book, Try 'History’ and 'Total' function.

[Interior Pages]
Easily calculate the Reams of paper needed for the interior pages. Select the book size of your choice, then input the number of pages and copies. Also, calculations can be done for any sizes of your choice.

[Book Cover]
Easily calculate the Reams of paper needed for the book cover. You can import the recent calculation of the spine.

[Sheets of Paper]
Do you create products like posters made of a sheets of paper? You just need to input the number of production and select the size on the menu. It’s that simple.

[Notes + Price Quotation]
You can save the final calculation in the notes, from which you can make a price quotation. If you are a designer or publisher, you can check the estimated quotation. If you are a printer, you can produce a price quotation with Paperman and send it your client.

[Paperman PRO]
Printed matter. Easier than ever.

• Selected Total Spine Width
• Set Target Spine Width
• Spine Comparison
• Sheet Calculation+ : Custom Format/Paper/Grain, Save Result
• Paperman Xray+ : Unlimited History, Search immediately after scanning
• Price Quotation+ : Calculate processing fees
• Share Quotation text, Input Supplier
• Recalculate : Spine, Interior, Cover, Sheets
• Custom Size History : Interior, Cover, Sheets
• Tap Price to calculate : Interior, Cover, Sheets
• Book Cover: Automatic Paper Recommendation
• Continuous Calculation
• Set Bleed value
• Copy Price of Paper
• US Size Format Preset
• Sort by Grammage

[Paperman PDF]
Generate a Quotation PDF on your phone.

• Generate PDF Quotation
• Share PDF Quotation
• AirPrint PDF Quotation


* Paperman PRO and PDF : In-App Purchase services
* Price info only supports Korean Won.

* Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 winner *

Published by Guho Choi, Seoul
Designed and developed by Guho Choi
Guho Choi