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With Pantrist you can easily keep track of your purchases and supplies at your convenience. Pantrist takes care that your supplies don't run out and automatically adds items that are below your desired minimum amount to your shopping list. You can share your list with as many people as you want, so you can use Pantrist to manage the purchases and supplies in your household or for the next party.

• Share your lists with family and friends
• Manage the list with Alexa or Google Assistant
• Use your Apple Watch to handle your purchases
• Highly configurable lists
• Multiple shopping and supply lists
• Direct contact option for feedback and feature requests
• Minimum stock management
• Record best before date per item
• Add items by barcode scan or voice input
• Calculation of the total price of a purchase
• Save your favorite recipes with the recipe planner

You can easily share your lists via a link. Just send the link of your list via your preferred messenger service or by email. After clicking on the link, any number of people can be added to your list. Then everyone will see the content of the list live. A change appears in a fraction of a second on all devices.

For individual items you can define how many you always want to have in your stock. If you take an item from your pantry and now have fewer items than you set in your minimum stock, the item will be automatically added to your shopping list. This will prevent you from running out of stock. You can also mark articles as open to create the greatest possible transparency about your stocks.

With Pantrist you can record your best before date per item. If you have several products of the same type with different expiration dates, you can enter a date for each product. Likewise, you can choose to have your products spread across multiple pantries, so you always know exactly where to find your products.

Get inspired by created recipes and add needed items directly to your shopping list. You can also easily create your own delicious recipes and share them with the community.

You can add your items via a barcode. Pantrist uses the "Open Food Facts" database to retrieve your barcode data. The database contains over one million items worldwide. If your article is not yet included in the database, you can enter the data for the barcode. Your entries will be saved and the next time a user scans the item, Pantrist will remember it.

Pantrist offers you many possibilities to configure your lists and the functionality of the app. For example, you can set the sorting of the articles or categories and change them as you wish. You can create completely new categories or change the name or color of existing categories.
Likewise, you can set a lot around the list to create the perfect app for you.

We have already implemented some feature requests from users to make Pantrist even better. If you have any ideas, you can easily tell us about them using the contact form within the app. We always do our best to implement any feedback.
You can also use the "Planned Features" in the app to decide which feature should be implemented next. This way, we know which feature is most important to you!
Alternatively, feel free to send your feedback and feature requests to [email protected].

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