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PanicPush allows you to send an alert to an emergency contact network at the tap of a button. Users configure a contact network to receive the alert through rich push notifications (on both iOS and watchOS), emails, and a phone call. Users do not have to worry about additional confirmation buttons, because once a user taps the panic button, our secure server notifies your emergency contact network.

With no required signups, recurring fees, or passwords, PanicPush is a simple and effective way to alert those who care about you in a time of need. Every user can add one phone contact and multiple email and push contacts. With this setup, the user can sent an nearly limitless number of alerts.

If you would like to expand your emergency device network, you can add more devices to your network for an activation fee. We don't store your personal information or emergency contact information on servers, so you never have to worry about a data breach.

To get started, download the app and begin assembling your emergency contact network.