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Panic Button

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Panic Button

The Original, The First, The Panic Button (Emergency Locator) App is the one application you hope you will never have to use, but you will want to have "just in case".

Use the Panic Button app when:

- You’re being followed by a stranger
- You get lost and need to be found
- Children walking to school alone
- Children separated in large crowds
- If you’re kidnapped/abducted
- Stranger in the house
- You have fallen, can can't get up
- You need to urgently contact your loved ones and get them a message
- Anytime you need to discretely broadcast your location and a message to your contact list of emails or SMS.

Launch the application, and after a few moments, the app goes into "stealth" mode displaying your desktop (or any other background image you want) so no one knows that the app is running. While it is running, the app is gathering information about your location and is listening for any message you want to communicate (like your location, your situation, what you see around you, etc.). Then the app sends both your location and the audio message you created to your pre-selected list of contacts via email, SMS text or both!

Settings allow you to determine how often to transmit your location and recordings, the duration of your audio recordings, how to send your transmissions (email or SMS), and what your emergency message actually says. You configure the list of contacts that will receive you emergency broadcast through manual enter, or import from your Contacts on your iPhone.

The App comes with a limited number of free SMS messages, with the ability to purchase as many as you need. The app will send unlimited email messages for free for as long as you own the app.