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Pangram is a simple game - just make words!

See how many words you can make with the letters on the screen. Each word must include the center letter(s). Use letters as many times as you want in each word. Can you guess the pangram? Pangrams are words that use all the letters on the board. Each game has at least one, and many have more. Bonus points for finding them!

Configure games how you like them:

• Set the number of center (required) letters
• Set the number of outer (optional) letters
• Set the minimum word length

That's it! No lives to lose. No penalty for guessing wrong. No stress. Just play!

For some extra fun, send games to friends and family, publish them on the public games listing, or join other public games that fellow Pangrammers have posted. Each shared or public game has a leader board where you can track everyone's progress.

In the free version you can create and play one game a day. If you're having a blast, upgrade to the Unlimited Games in-app purchase. Create game after game after game...

Requirement: You must have iCloud Drive enabled to share games and play public games. The basic free tier is all that's needed.

Final note: My kids want you to know that Pangram looks even better in Dark Mode. Embrace the dark side, they say.
Russell Neufeld