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Paleo Digest

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Paleo Digest

Paleo Digest helps you discover amazing paleo restaurants near you. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite near work, meeting a friend for lunch, or planning a date night, you’ll find Paleo-friendly restaurants and dishes that fit your healthy lifestyle.

Here’s what healthy eaters are saying about Paleo Digest:

“Great discovery tool for paleo dishes”

“For anyone interested in learning more about healthy Paleo-centric dishes at restaurants around town, this app is a nice daily digest.”

“It's been a great tool to discover new restaurants in the area to try!”

Paleo Digest helps you live your healthy lifestyle outside of your own kitchen, with a community. We’ve designed the app to help you:
- Discover the BEST paleo options when eating out
- Search for paleo-friendly restaurants anywhere in the U.S.
- Keep track of your favorite restaurants and dishes
- See what other Paleo eaters find delicious near you
- Learn the easiest ways to be and stay paleo from experts
- Ask any questions to the Paleo Digest team

Where do our restaurant recommendations come from? For that we’ve tapped into the wisdom of the healthy-eating crowd. Every restaurant found in Paleo Digest has been approved by the paleo-eating community using the app or curated by our internal team to ensure the restaurant focuses on quality ingredients and clean cooking processes.

As a member of the Paleo Digest community, you can play a big part in helping other paleo eaters discover the best paleo food:
- Suggest paleo-friendly restaurants in your area so others can see it on the map
- Post delicious paleo dishes you enjoy at restaurants found in Paleo Digest and share them with the community
- Add a restaurant tip to help other paleo eaters learn about a great paleo restaurant and what to order there

You can also:
- Bookmark the restaurants you want to save
- Keep track of dishes you’ve eaten or want to try in the future, building your own personal collections of places you want to try in the near future
- View daily paleo recommendations each day on your Apple Watch
- Learn why some dishes are better than others for Paleo or Real-Food eaters by browsing through our collection of curated restaurants and dishes
- Understand how to modify Paleo-ish dishes at restaurants in order to increase their healthfulness (curated dishes only), that way you don't have to view dining out as cheating
- View Paleo dishes we discovered at a restaurant
Our “curated” dishes are carefully selected from the best local restaurants, and we’ve worked with a team of foodies, nutrition experts and local chefs to identify noteworthy choices that are also healthy.

Paleo isn’t just a diet fad - it’s a holistic approach to eating real food. While it’s easy to cook healthy meals at home, it’s hard to maintain a social life only cooking at home. Now you can find healthy dishes that also taste great at restaurants, and join the community outside your kitchen. Let’s work together to make it easier for everyone!

Download Paleo Digest to discover the best Paleo dishes near you today!

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