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With Palco MP3, you discover new music for real!

You know when you're tired of listening to the same songs? Well, with Palco, you think outside the box and listen to music, no matter your style.

For over 18 years, we have been promoting artists in the music industry and creating playlists for every moment of your day. With Palco, you'll be in the know before everyone else. Pretty cool, right?

Here you'll find over 60 music genres with many new Brazilian artists, and you can customize the app however you want. Not to mention the best podcasts to download and listen to whenever you want.

If you're an artist, Palco MP3 takes your music further. We specialize in discovering new talents that will conquer Brazil. Access, create your free account, submit your original music, and receive complete promotion options.

Library | Listen and download thousands of songs for free on your phone
Feeling bored with music? On Palco, you'll find over 1.6 million songs, 138,000 active artists, and 60 original playlists with hand-picked songs by us. Or you can create your own and set the soundtrack for the day. Favorite albums, artists, songs, podcasts, and playlists

Made for you | Personalize your home screen
When you download the Palco app for the first time, you choose your favorite music genres, and we take care of the rest! We create a home page based on what you love the most, with music recommendations, albums, artists, music videos, and even podcasts. Whether you're a fan of forró, gospel, trap, piseiro, funk, sertanejo, rock, indie, MPB, pop, arrocha, axé, or any other style.

Stories | Exclusive artist content in your app
With Palco's stories, you get the latest updates from the artists you love firsthand. Don't miss out on behind-the-scenes moments or the latest music to arrive on the app. Liked the sound? Swipe up and listen instantly!

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