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PAI Connect

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PAI Connect

"PAI is the best example yet of how wearables can turn data about our bodies into tailored, actionable advice—and hopefully longer lives."
-The Wall Street Journal


PAI Connect is an intelligent heart health tracking app that provides personalized guidance on how much exercise is needed to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness - one of the leading predictors of health and longevity. PAI Connect analyzes your heart rates, age, sex, height and weight from HealthKit to seamlessly turn your Apple Watch workouts into a PAI score. PAI helps you to become and stay heart healthy, with weekly goals that keep you motivated.


• Focused on the one thing that matters most to your health - your heart
• Helps you understand how your heart reacts to all physical activity (not just steps)
• Customized to your unique makeup and lifestyle
• Provides you with a personalized weekly goal, 100 PAI, that reflects your unique profile and characteristics and what you need to maximize the impact of your fitness routine
• Keeps you motivated and your heart healthy
• Do more of what you love with PAI.

Whether it’s yard work or your favorite sport, catch with the kids or CrossFit, PAI helps you add joy to your days and years to your life.


Your PAI score is calculated based on your unique personal profile and your last seven days heart rate data collected by your Apple Watch. By maintaining 100 PAI, you can add up to five years to your life and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by an average of 25%.

Every PAI point means progress toward a healthier heart. Many customers start with a goal of 30 PAI, work up to 50, and before they know it they are achieving close to 100. Keep in mind that 100 is not a perfect score, just the place where science has shown you get the maximum benefit for your efforts.

PAI Connect monitors your heart and lets you know how everything you do affects your heart health, so even chores around your home and rushing to catch a flight count.


The PAI system was derived from one of the world’s largest health studies involving 45,000 people over 25 years. PAI has become the an easy-to-understand guide, empowering you to manage your health and longevity. There are have been several published studies on PAI including one featured in The American Journal of Medicine. Learn more about the science behind PAI at


PAI Health is a health software company providing actionable insights rooted in the proven science of cardiorespiratory fitness, one of the leading predictors of longevity and health. The company’s digital services enable individuals, insurers, and employers to engage, assess, and guide people toward better health. The PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) experience recommends a personalized weekly activity level based on heart rate and personal characteristics. When 100 PAI is maintained, life expectancy has been proven to improve. Learn more at
PAI Health Inc.