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Pado is all about geo tracking.


This App provides several easy and powerful ways to record tracks or routes (for example of your hiking or cycling tours, of your trips with a motorcycle or car, workouts like jogging etc.), draw them on a map and analyze them graphically using speed and altitude profiles and bar charts.

You can start and stop recording a track manually but also fully automatically in the background, without any user interaction. Just tell the App to start and stop the recording when leaving or entering certain regions, you can even limit the recording to a certain time period, and the App will do the rest automatically.

The tracks can be exported and imported as GPX and KML.

Especially for sports activity, the App can give you status updates about speed, duration and distance using Speech output.


Pado also has a step counter (on devices with the required hardware).


The App provides a Time Tracking feature, which will gives you an easy way to log your whereabouts at certain regions automatically. Just define the regions you want to observe, the App is doing the rest automatically. The logged data can be presented as bar chart and exported as text or CSV file.


When entering or leaving certain regions the App can automatically record tracks, post notifications, play music, trigger "external" actions using the "WebHook" protocol and more.


Tracks and regions can be synced across devices using the iCloud. This makes it easy to record tracks on an iPhone and evaluate these later on a larger iPad screen.


Pado also supports the Apple Watch (all models) and can be used fully autonomously to record tracks or routes (which means you do not need to take the iPhone with you to use the Watch App). This does even work on Apple Watch models without GPS hardware (in which case the location services do use WLAN networks nearby to get the geo location). All tracks can be displayed directly on the Watch on a Map, and you can zoom and scroll the map with the track. Alternatively you can also use the Watch App to remote control the iPhone App.


Pado supports all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch devices.
Unlike many other Apps, this App does also work great on iPod Touch and iPad models without GPS hardware (but you need to be within a region with a good WLAN coverage). On devices with GPS hardware it works best. The step counter requires an iPhone 5s or newer or an Apple Watch.


As an option, Pado can use the heart rate data from Health-Kit and display it together with the recorded Track speed and pace charts. When recording tracks on the Apple Watch, Pado can also measure the heart rate. Pado will never store the heart rate data anywhere (neither within Pado nor externally), and will use the HealthKit data only when explicitly enabled in the settings.


Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Alexander Clauss