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Pacer | Stay on pace

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Pacer | Stay on pace

GRAB YOUR SNEAKERS AND RUN! Set pace goals for your workouts and Pacer will help you achieve it. You will be able to register your workouts to view your progress and the best part is that it is completely FREE. Pacer is going to mark your running pace based in your step length. You will be able to check details such as distance, pace target, average pace, burned energy, etcetera.

Too slow or too fast? Don't worry, once a workout is started you are the owner of your pace and you'll be able to change it whenever you want.

Don't worry about your data. Pacer is going to store your workout data obtained from HealthKit only in your Apple Watch and they will never leave your device. This app is for you and you are our priority.

Do you consider we are doing it well? Our team is going to be so happy to hear from you.

Pacer | Let's run
Alberto Garcia-Munoz