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Pace Up

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Pace Up

When you are running with Pace Up, you'll be able to get a quick peek at your heart rate. Forget the cluttered interfaces, no more hard to read numbers. See everything you need instantly, it's that simple.

* You get to see your heart rate presented in fullscreen on the main screen. We also give you a quick glance at your current heart rate zone, always nice to know during a run.

* Below the heart rate you can show the duration, distance, or average pace of your run. Switching between these values can be done by tapping the text.

* Pace Up is an independent app for the Apple Watch. This means you don't have to install any iOS app to use it.

* No Health data is shared with other services, everything is saved in Apple Health.

* Show your current heart rate zone from the main screen.

* When you finished running, you get a nice performance overview of your run.

* Did you have to wait when crossing the street during your run? No worries, Pace Up automatically pauses your activity.

* Do you want to see more statistics during your run, even that is possible.

Enjoy running!
Jelle Vandebeeck