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Pace-man uses patented prediction and pacing algorithms to help you identify a realistic target finish time for your marathon, and then gives you an event-specific pacing strategy to achieve that time. The algorithms harvest your training and race data, and are based on your age, sex and running experience.

Predict your race.

Pace-Man harvests your work-out details from other fitness apps (including Strava), to identify the characteristics of your training (for instance, your weekly running distance or your average training pace) and then generates a realistic marathon finish timeframe that you can use to plan your race.

Pace your race.

Pace-Man devises a pacing strategy for your upcoming marathon, based on your predicted finish time. This pacing strategy is event-specific. For example, if you are running the London Marathon, the pacing strategy that is developed will be designed for that marathon.

During the race, pace-man administers audio and haptic feedback to let you know your target pace and when you are going too fast or too slow.

Apple Healthkit used to visualise the run summary on the paceman Apple watch app. No integration with Apple Healthkit in terms of health data.
Cailbhe Doherty