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Owe Book

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Owe Book

Don't your friends think that to lend actually means to give? Do not lose your things by lending them to someone. Keep track of your stuff and do not forget to take a picture of that item you are lending. Lend and borrow with no fear - Owe book!

If you are lending or borrowing things, Owe book will provide you a dead simple way to keep track of such transactions.

• Take a picture of stuff you are lending/borrowing
• Use Apple Watch extension for overdue items managing and new item entry by dictation
• Fully integrated with device contacts
• Beautiful charts displaying summaries
• Lightning fast 3D Touch Quick Actions
• Notifications helping you to not forget about important dates
• Various options for sorting and searching
• Partial money refund
• History section providing details about previous actions
• Backups feature to smoothly migrate to the other device (auto-backup option included)
• Lovely today widget with a summary and fast actions
• Built-in actions for contacting a debtor like email, call or message
• Supporting slide over and split view for new iPad devices

Not enough? Other features are coming very soon. We are not going to abandon such nice idea of tracking stuff!

If you have any questions or any kind of feedback - please contact us via email (, facebook page (see supported URL below) or simply write a review. Thanks!

Credits for most of icons goes to icon8 team -
Viktor Kucera