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Ovum 3D

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Ovum 3D

This attractive 3D Kitchen timer is fun and easy to use. 
Use it as a standard kitchen timer or as an automated egg timer.

• Set your Egg timer on Apple Watch 
• Get the notification once your time is up
• See the Egg timer brief info on Glance

In Kitchen Timer mode:
• Swipe the top of the egg to set the time with realistic motion and wind up sound
• Simply press the start button and listen to the vintage ticking sound (or mute it if you prefer)
• When time's up, the classic mechanical alarm rings to let you know that your culinary masterpiece is ready!
In Egg Timer mode:
• Set the egg softness to your liking (runny, slightly-runny or hard-boiled)
• Pinch the egg to match its size to the physical egg you wish to cook (by placing it next to the screen)
• Specify whether the egg is at room or fridge temperature   
• And if you wish to get picky... you can even set the altitude by moving the needle of the altimeter (as all good geeks know, altitude influences the water boiling temperature which influences the egg cooking time… ;)

How to boil your egg? Easy!
• Set the egg size, egg softness and other parameters
• Heat the water and once it is gently boiling
• Lower the egg into the boiling water (make sure you put there a real egg, not the iPhone one, right? Just checking :-D )
• Tap the Start button, pursue your leisure time interests and wait for the alarm to let you know your egg is ready
Additional features:
• Fully multi-tasking enabled:
        - Send the app to the background after the timer is started and used other apps as normal.
        - Return to see how much time is left
        - A notification with the alarm sound will pop up when the time is up
• Save and load your favourite Egg settings (in my case, I always cook medium sized eggs to slightly-runny yolk… hmm, yummy!)
• Packaged up in a free range organic style, it will give you a sense of freedom and bring immediate happiness with every use (are we eggzagerating… maybe a bit ;)
• Integrated help
• Select the custom photo from your Photo Library and change the background or the egg badge as you wish
Here are some comments from our beta testers:
"Eggzactly what I was after!  I always have my phone with me so I never miss the oven alarm anymore!*" my Wife
    *We do not have an open plan kitchen so sometimes we miss the alarm on the oven when it goes off
"Daddy! I wanna play with the egg on your telephone!"** my son, 2 1/2 years old
    ** Yes, kids are strangely fascinated by this app, so it doubles up as an educational game that encourage the development of fine motor skills