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Comprehend your drive results and push beyond your limits, "OutDrive" yourself using this Apple Watch app.

OutDrive turns your Apple Watch into a wearable golf drive measurement tool. No more need for carrying bulky specialized equipment. Just by tapping the Apple Watch on your wrist, you can instantly check the results of your drive without interrupting the flow of game play. To understand your drive distances, to push past your limits... OutDrive is an indispensable app for golfers who want to drive further.

• Whether you drive high or low, you can gauge the condition of your shot

Through OutDrive's unique calculations, even when distance rises or falls due to course undulations, your "General Performance" based on teeing from a postulated level point will be displayed. Whether you drive high or low, you can experience the feeling of hitting a nice shot for distance as you would during practice.

• Drive distances and elevation differences can be recorded to your iPhone

OutDrive uses positional information to measure drive distance and elevation difference from 2 interval points. Without the hassle of laser-pointing methods to search for the ball, you can record measurements while progressing through the course. Since your records will remain on your iPhone, you can look back on a continuous record of your shots.

• You can use with a locked screen, and even with only an iPhone

Of course, even if you don't have an Apple Watch, you can still use OutDrive. We've prepared a widget to allow measurements with an iPhone during play, even without starting up the app. By swiping from top to bottom on the screen, you can call it up even on a locked screen.

Main functions:
- Compatible with Apple Watch
- Can be used with only an iPhone as well(Notification Center widget)
- Measures drive distance through position information)
- Measures elevation differences through an atmospheric pressure sensor(iPhone 6 or later)
- General Performance: Displays drive distance based on teeing from a postulated level point(iPhone 6 or later)
- Switch between yards/meters
Kazushi Makino