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OurTheEarth:Genuine Earth as viewed from space

by Ligha
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OurTheEarth:Genuine Earth as viewed from space

by Ligha
【Corresponding to AppleWatch!】
"The iPhone function"
* The latest satellite image: It's possible to see global full color satellite photograph and picture every 30 minutes.
* Universal application: Corresponding to iPhone iPad and iPod touch!
* It's possible to see a picture every 30 minutes until 1 day before.
* It's even possible to make the cartoon film the latest picture.
* The cash function and a read picture are indicated fast from next time.

▲ Operating method
* The wild boar which returns: The picture merit before 30 minutes of an indication picture.
* The button I advance: The picture merit of 30 minutes later of an indication picture.
* It's latest from the time current as of the rewinding button:, picture.
* The picture merit before the 1st of time current as of the fast forwarding button:.

* The cartoon film switch: From a returned picture to the latest picture, cartoon film processing.

* Picture mode: Usual and color line
* Area choice: Whole ball, Japan, expansion, the northwest, the southwest, the northeast and the southeast

"The AppleWatch function"
* Corresponding to a glans: It'll be possible to look at the latest earth immediately anytime.
* iPhone iPad and iPod touch and, mostly, the same function!

※ The notice when using
* In case of a great deal of data, reading time is sometimes long at the time of a cartoon film.
* When reading image data on the case and the internet you're using by a mobile communication, please consent to being much and sometimes occurring.
* Please accept that there are a case when image data can't be acquired and disorder of image data by the state of the satellite server.