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Control your Sonos system through your Apple Watch, Siri Shortcuts, iOS Widgets or from our simple and fast iPhone / iPad app.

** Free 7-day free trial of Orto Premium - monthly subscription required after free trial. **


Simple and fast app for controlling your Sonos system on iPhone or iPad. Play Favorites, Edit Groups, Volumes, Mute, Shuffle, Home Theatre and all of those normal controls.
Swipe around like a ninja.
If you have more than one Sonos Household you can quickly flip between them without changing Wi-Fi network.

*Lock Screen Widgets - PREMIUM FEATURE*

For iOS 16 users - see what's playing on Sonos from your lock screen

*Apple Watch Remote - PREMIUM FEATURE*

All the controls you need on your wrist, with Complications for quick access.
Trigger shortcuts from your Watch to feel like a ninja!
Requires watchOS 8 or higher


All the controls you need on your TV
Set the scene from your TV - see you your whole system on one screen

*Siri Shortcuts - PREMIUM FEATURE*

Siri Shortcuts let you set a particular scene. You could setup a group of speakers to play a Sonos Favorite at a particular volume - just with a couple of words said to Siri or from within the Orto app.

Plus, once you’ve created a Shortcut you can trigger them in the Shortcuts App and combine them with your other Shortcuts for stuff like lighting.


Add Widgets to your home screen to see what’s Now Playing or to quickly access common controls. Beware widgets can sometimes be a bit behind what’s playing right now :(
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