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Orbit by FloVerse

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Orbit by FloVerse

Orbit by FloVerse is an event and fitness companion app that allows users to record and track their heart rate for health and fitness activities. Users can also live stream their heart rate and provide reactions (e.g emojis & free text) to entertainment, sports or health event organizers.

Heart rate readings can be taken from a user's Apple Watch or directly using their iPhone. Users can also see a summary of their heart rate data and review all their live streamed moment tags in an event journal.

Reach out using our Contact Us page found on our website at or any of our social channels. Users can also connect with other users in our Orbit Discord community via the in-App link.

Minimum recommended is iPhone model 7 or greater with iOS 17.0 or above and Apple Watch OS 10.0 or greater.

Healthkit permission is requested because it is required to access workout data collected by the Apple Watch Orbit app.
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