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Orange Zones Watch App

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Orange Zones Watch App

Get in the Orange Zone and make every workout count! Studies have shown workouts with 12 or more points burn more calories and provide the best results. Earn 1 point for each minute you spend in the orange and red zones during your workout.

Use your Apple Watch or connect any Bluetooth heart rate monitor for heart rate and see your real-time zones, points, calorie burn, and more.

Orange Zones is a workout tracking app for measuring intensity, whether at home, outdoors, or in the gym. We create personalized zones, based on your max heart rate, so you can focus on doing your best and getting the best result from your workout.

Leave your phone at home for your Orange Zones runs using the stand-alone Apple Watch or set your iPhone on your treadmill to see a large display of your stats during your workout.

Now with support for starting and stopping workouts on your iPhone, your phone display can be used as a real-time monitor of your stats as well as for viewing your workout details after your workouts.

Whether you're an athlete or fitness newbie, Orange Zones can help you stay on track and achieve your goals. By breaking down fitness barriers of ability and instead of tracking your zones, our goal is to create the most inclusive and effective workout platform available.

Orange Zones supports a variety of workout types including HIIT, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Cardio, Rowing, and more.

Heart Rate Zones
Orange Zones has five heart rate zones so you can understand your exercise intensity at a glance.

1. RED - For improving performance and speed.
2. ORANGE - For getting faster and leaner. Drives metabolism.
3. GREEN - For improving cardio endurance.
4. BLUE - For longer exercise. Predominantly uses fat for energy.
5. GREY - For preparation and recovery. Does not improve fitness.

Maximize your afterburn, or "EPOC" by earning at least 12 points, spending at least 12 minutes in the Orange and Red Zones. Or, opt for a lower intensity day and stay in the Green Zone to improve endurance.

- Support for connecting any Bluetooth heart rate monitor or using your Apple Watch
- Start & stop workouts on your iPhone
- Monitor real-time heart rate intensity on your iPhone and Apple Watch (when used)
- See your points score as your work out and get a workout score after each workout
- Show your time spent in each heart rate zone
- Receive a summary email of stats after every workout

We value your privacy and never share or sell any user information.

Apple Health Integration
- We read your biometrics from Apple Health for personalization
- We save your workout data to Apple Health
- All workouts count towards your Apple activity rings

Requires a series 3 or later.

Connect any standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor, armband, or chest strap. Use your OTBeat, Polar, Wahoo, or Garmin HRM.

Orangetheory Fitness
The Orange Zone Workout Companion is made by independent app company PK Fitness Apps Inc. Our company and products are not affiliated with or endorsed by, the Orangetheory Fitness company, OTF, or Ultimate Fitness Group, LLC.

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