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Oracle Prime

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Oracle Prime

Use the Oracle Prime iOS app to access critical information and provide real-time status updates for the projects that your organization manages with Oracle Prime. Reduce guesswork, monitor progress, and update assignments anytime, anywhere. The app works with or without an internet connection and provides the following capabilities:
• Access organizational dashboards for customized views of project and planning information.
• View dashboards and measures to monitor portfolio performance.
• View project files and and save them to your Briefcase for easy offline access.
• Annotate files and comment on annotations to collaborate with team members.
• Provide on-site progress updates for your assigned work on projects.
• Send pictures to visually share project progress with managers and other team members.

Prime for iOS also leverages these native iOS features:
• Today widget: Accessible in the iOS Notification Center, the Today widget shows your due tasks.
• Split-screen multitasking: Work with Prime alongside other apps (iPad only).
• Touch ID and QR code scanner: Use either to quickly log in to your organization's Prime server.
• Push notifications: View important notifications as you receive them, even when the Prime app is not running.
• Maps: Map routes to job sites and view them on interactive maps.
• Apple Pencil: Annotate files with greater precision and control.
• Offline file support: Keep your files in a virtual briefcase that you can access offline.

Note: For full functionality, a current license and connection to Oracle Prime are required. The app includes a demo mode that enables you to evaluate the app without a license or connection to Oracle Prime.
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