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Optimize Fitness

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Optimize Fitness

Optimize, the most advanced fitness training tool on the market, uses AI to generate personalized workouts for you. No time? No equipment? Just starting out? No problem.

Gain muscle, cut fat, or just get in better shape. Optimize Fitness makes exercise easy whether you workout at home, in the gym, or on the road. By combining the expertise of certified personal trainers and biomedical engineers with artificial intelligence, we deliver the most effective workouts that keep you improving each day.

● Advanced machine learning algorithm learns as you train to provide recommended time, distance, repetitions, and weight for every exercise
● Find fitness plans to follow in our free marketplace, and have them personalized for you automatically.
● Personalized workouts are based on your ability, available equipment and past workouts.
● Instantly generate effective workouts every day in line with your plan, whether you are at the gym or at home with no equipment
● Create multi-week workout routines and individual workouts to share with others, or keep for yourself.
● Log past workouts quickly to track your sets, weights, reps, time, and distance.
● Track the progress of your power, stamina and endurance for each muscle using advanced 3D models.
● Easily save new workouts for later and redo your favorite past workouts.
● View your progress over time for workouts and individual exercises.
● Build your own workouts from scratch from our library of ~1000 exercises, or add your own exercises.
● Track body measurements crucial to your goal such as body weight, BMI, chest measurements and more!
● Learn optimal form and technique from detailed exercise descriptions and videos
● Automatically upload fitness activity to Apple’s Health app.

What people are saying:

"As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I’ve been promised many times a “virtual personal trainer” using the technology in my smartphone but Optimize Fitness is the first app to actually deliver on this promise. An app that understands that real life training happens at different gyms, with different amounts of time to work out and when I’m feeling different energy levels. After trying most of what else is out there on the market, I can say, without equivocation, Optimize Fitness is the best fitness app for REAL people with REAL lives and REAL fitness goals"

"I love not having to think about how many reps I need to do, how much weight to use and when to increase! Optimize learns my fitness level and does it all for me!"

"Being able to easily substitute exercises in my workout is great; I injured my shoulder and can’t do kettlebell swings anymore."

"I feel energized after working out with Optimize. It knows what I want to accomplish and adjusts the routines to push me to get there at my pace. I love that I can use it anywhere I am traveling, with or without a gym and still get a solid workout."

We listen to your feedback! Want us to add your favorite equipment or exercise? Let us know at [email protected]

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