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Optimal Remote Lite

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Optimal Remote Lite

■ Reduces the stress while getting technical support by sharing screens!
You don't have to make your situation into words. You can share your screen with the operator and get support smoothly by using Optimal Remote.
In addition, you can get assistance from the operator with the red pen and the cursor on the screenshot, and the operator can support you by displaying web pages and documents for better communication.

■ Supports Apple Watch!
You can get support by sharing the screen of your Apple Watch as with iPhone.

■ For support center staff
Optimal Remote provides you with screen sharing with your customers. This can reduce support time by 50% and increase customer satisfaction.
To provide support, operator tools must be purchased. Please contact us for more information.

■ Notes
Optimal Remote does not work alone and only works with the operator tools.
The screenshot transmitted will be saved as a photo on your device. Please delete the photo if you do not need it.
There is no voice guidance in this version.
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