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Open Water Swim

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Open Water Swim

Welcome to Open Water Swim, the first Apple Watch and iPhone App dedicated to letting you track, analyze, and share your favorite activity: open water swimming! Open Water Swim was built and tested BY open water swimmers FOR open water swimmers.

We started with the need for a truly accurate tracker that would highlight the best aspects of your swim: your performance, where you went swimming, and satellite imagery to capture your favorite swim.

Open Water has gone above and beyond, thoroughly testing the app for accuracy and reliability when you are out in the open water. You can focus on your swim while Open Water handles the tracking.

And once you've completed your swim, you'll be able to relive the experience on your phone, which will add the swim to your monthly summary and provide a detailed look at your swim including: distance, pace, duration, heart rate, and energy burned. Beyond that, there's a native inspired heart rate graph and beautiful interactive map where you can choose to view satellite or topographical imagery.

And when you're done checking out all the details of your swim, we've given you a one click share button that will put together a beautiful summary of your swim to send to your friends.

We've also got built in logging, so you can send us your swim log if you notice something strange about your swim.
Daniel Kanaan