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Onyahbike is Australasia’s own and best dockless, bike/ride share system.

Onyahbike is a commuting transport solution, a vehicle available at thousands of locations around your City, which you can use anytime paying the cheapest rate level for a Public Transport.

Onyahbike will help you 24/7 to connect the dots when other ways of transport are not at your reach or within your budget.

Onyahbike is a green and clean transport alternative.

Onyahbike promotes sustainable living.

Using a Bike as your choice of transport is great for Body, mind and spirit.

Onyahbike is great for the environment, which is great for everyone! Every Bike you some riding a bike, it means one car been driven on the Road!

The coolest thing about OnyahBike, is that there will always be a bike around you need it. And they are so easy to find using our amazing App. You find it, you unlock it, you ride it! Easy peasy (Please don’t forget to wear your helmet before riding. Then Lock & Park at an appropriate place when you’re done using it)

Using Onyahbike is so easy. Just follow these 3 steps

Open the Onyahbike app and find a bike nearby on the map.

Tap on one of the Bikes to find directions to it. You have the option reserve it for up to 15 minutes, making sure it will be there waiting for you.

Once you locate your Onyahbike, you can either unlock it by entering the Bike ID number written on the side OR to scan a QR code that you will find on a sticker on the lock or over the center of the handlebar.

The bike will unlock and you’ll be ready to enjoy the ride! Life is so good on a bike! Yay Please take care and be safe.

Once you’re done using the Bike, Please park at a suitable place. Close the Bike back by sliding the lock (together with Helmet). Your trip details will pop up immediately for you to check out some useful info recorded.

Now you can be proud you’ve done something great for you, great for the environment and great for your pocket too!

For more info, please contact us at Contact Customer Service: - Australia : 080-822- 1460

Email: [email protected]

- Continued use of GPS in the background may affect your battery life.
- Please allow mobike access to your Apple Health for your better experience (accurately figure out and evaluate your riding level and fitness).
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