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Quality of life happens when you feel good in your own body.

With me, you have total control of your meal routine, because I’m adaptable to your individual needs. I want to simplify your daily eating routine and habits, while simultaneously motivating you to keep your discipline.

I was developed with the assistance of the most capable nutritionists in Brazil and the world.

I make certain tasks easier, so you have less to worry about in your busy day.

For instance:

1. I setup your nutrient needs based on your physical profile and goals. You can choose between the options to Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Maintain Weight, or Post Bariatric Surgery.

2. You can search foods from all over the world in the app, or make things simpler by using your Spotlight search to add foods.

3. Now you can log what time you wake up in the morning, what you eat for each meal, and the amount of water you are consuming each day. If you want to, you can even edit your notifications to your preferences.

4. Share photos of your meals on social media, along with the nutritional values listed right in the picture!

5. Start balancing your meals so that you can easily reach your daily nutritional needs.

6. Set up your own personal, customizable notifications to keep yourself motivated.

The best part about this is that I am totally customizable to your interest. If you see something that you believe needs improvement, let my creators know, and they may make the change to make your experience even better!

I am the biggest ally of your nutritionist or dietitian, introduce me to them, and, if they want to send your food recommendation straight to the app, get in contact with my creators at

Don’t hold back from a healthier, happier you!

This application was developed at BEPiD of Universidade Católica de Brasília.
Thiago Bernardes