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OneTouch Reveal® Plus

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OneTouch Reveal® Plus

*** OneTouch Reveal® Plus is only available via access code from your employer or health plan. ***

OneTouch Reveal® Plus app is a digital diabetes coach that provides real-time support, works in partnership with your healthcare team, and helps you build self-care skills that can lead to better diabetes management. OneTouch Reveal® Plus app is FDA cleared for Type 1 and Type 2 adults 18+ with diabetes.

OneTouch Reveal® Plus is not intended to replace the care provided by a licensed healthcare professional, including prescriptions, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional before making medical decisions.

• Receive real-time, customized coaching messages with each blood glucose result – anytime, anywhere.
• AI technology provides thousands of customized messages based on your blood glucose values and trends
• Helps guide you through hypoglycemia episodes with prompts about what to do next
• Provides helpful tips to address high blood glucose results

• Build your meal by choosing a recipe, searching the database, or adding your own food
• Snap a picture or scan barcodes to identify nutrition information or add a food to your food diary
• Create healthy meal plans and share them with others
• Share your Grocery list and/or order the ingredients online
• Restaurant Helper feature helps you find foods that fit your carb range when eating out
• Meal Planner - Create weekly meal plans and grocery list

• Organize all your insulin and oral medications and set reminders
• You can import your medication and lab results by connecting to your pharmacy or lab
• Logbook helps you track your daily glucose, food, activity, and sleep
• Weekly reports and insights highlight what’s working and offers suggestions what to change
• Share progress with your care team by sending a SMART Visit Report with the click of a button
• Get educational support via OneTouch U™ with short, easy-to-read lessons
• Get answers to general diabetes questions from Certified Diabetes Educators using the ‘Ask an Educator’ feature

• Sync information from a device you are already using - OneTouch Reveal® Plus connects to over 20 different devices (including BG meters, weight scales, blood pressure cuffs and activity trackers) allowing you to view all your health information in the app
• Sync your blood sugar results seamlessly from the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter or the OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter
• Connect your Fitbit®, Garmin®, Misfit™, Polar®, Strava, or Withings activity tracker to see exercise, steps, sleep, height and weight
• Apple Watch users can download OneTouch Reveal® Plus app for Apple watch so you can add blood glucose, carbs, record medications and get helpful reminders all on your watch!
• Syncs with Apple Health® so you can view your steps, activities, sleep, blood glucose, blood pressure and weight from the Apple Health Application. You can now see this information in a comprehensive logbook view and share with your clinician.
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