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One Time

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One Time

One-Time Password client. Store your software Two-Factor Authentication tokens securely in iCloud Keychain. No additional account required, sync between your iCloud devices. This app was designed with privacy and security in mind. The app is open source at and never connects to the internet.


- Add Software Two Factor Tokens using:

- QR scanner in-app

- Open otpauth URL

- QR codes in saved images

- Drag-and-drop QR code into app

- Manually enter generator configuration

- Store tokens in iCloud Keychain

- Copy current factor code using long press or 3D Touch

- Edit the name of the issuer and account of tokens

- Search tokens by issuer or account name

- Supports tokens of:

- 1 to 10 digits

- SHA1, MD5, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and SHA224 hashing algorithms

- Time based factor with any time step/period (TOTP)

- Counter based factor (HOTP)
Lateef Sanford