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Omnistat 2

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Omnistat 2

Access your device's technical information from the app or even from the widgets.

With Omnistat for iOS you can see:
- Name of the device
- Host name
- Model of the device
- Internal device name
- Name of the operating system
- Current version of the operating system
- Build number of the current operating system
- Kernel version
- Device uptime
- Current Wi-Fi network
- BSSID and SSID of the Wi-Fi
- Wi-Fi Interfaces
- IPv4 and IPv6 address of each connected Wi-Fi interface
- Use of Wi-Fi data (download / upload)
- Speed ​​of download / uploading in Wi-Fi
- Carrier
- Carrier mobile country code
- Carrier network country code
- Carrier ISO country code
- Carrier radio technology
- Cellular interfaces
- IPv4 and IPv6 address of each connected cellular interface
- Use of cellular data (download / upload)
- Cellular download / upload speed
- Size of Storage (Total, Used and Free)
- List of partitions on the device's storage
- Mount point for each partition
- Size used and free of each partition
- File system name of each partition
- RAM of the device (total, compressed, resident, active, inactive and free memory)
- Size of memory pages
- Writing volume in memory
- Memory reads volume
- Memory reactivations volume
- Memory compression volume
- Memory decompression volume
- Volume of memory faults
- Written swap
- Read swap
- Purgeable memory
- Purged memory
- CPU usage
- Thermal State
- Device processor name
- Device processor type
- Number of CPU cores
- Processor frequency
- Processor Architecture
- Little Endian / Big Endian
- Maximum number of processes
- Current number of processes
- Current number of threads
- Size of the cache blocks
- Cache L1 Instruction
- Cache L1 Data
- Cache L2
- Battery percentage
- Battery voltage
- Battery capacity (in mAh)
- Battery power
- Battery status
- Estimated remaining battery time
- Power saving mode state

• This product is not to the widgets in the notification. Now you click "Edit" in the "Edit" button. the widget of your choice.
Mathieu Bolard