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Oivita App

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Oivita App

This app support ÖRing, a revolutionary vibrating ring that satisfies women´s most intimate desires with intelligent technology. A wow to your sexual life.

-Motion: Record calories burned, speed, and times during exercise. You can also adjust 10 variable vibration power in this mode.
-Stactics: Record data in your every motion. You and your partner can review it and discuss how to improve sexual skills, so you can challenge your record next time.
-Vibration: Intuitive UI, visible vibrations, easy to choose, switch, adjust power at the same time.Small steps at your finger can make a big impact!
-Guide: How to connect and remote ÖRing with Apple Watch, suggestion to smooth use.
-ÖRing is also the first device worldwide to support Apple Watch and Apple HealthKit in the Sexual Section.

Let ÖRing show you a brand-new sexual experience, like a dream coming true – easy and safe.