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Oil Capitalist

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Oil Capitalist

The world is ruled by money! Want to know how to do business and become one of the richest men in the world? This game is the answer! Run your own business projects, earn your first million, invest money, keep an eye on stocks, and prosper. But be very careful - police won't make jokes with you!

Challenge billionaires all over the world and show that you are #1! Welcome to the club of Oil Capitalists!


• Exciting business game /
• Expand your business to earn more
• Try to cause as little harm to the enviromint as possible
• Build Eco-buildings to support the enviroment
• Challenge your friends and other players around the world
• Watch your stocks
• Learn the basics of business in a game
• Stylish and user-friendly interface
• Ability to save the game progress
• Apple Watch support
• Universal game for iPad and iPhone

Disclaimer: Please note that game is created from entertainment purposes only and does not contain any learning materials.
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