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ODO50, ODO25, ODO18, ODO10 and now ODO70 users: edit your trips in real-time.
The ODOhybrid application allows interacting and adding features to the ODO10, ODO18, ODO25, ODO50 and ODO70 ODOTRACK solutions lacking physical interface. The hybrid application requires no mobile license.

The basic features are:

- end trip;
- edit type of trip;
- interact with additional features such as timesheet, vehicle and driver;
- enter a comment
- find your car

It is important to know that this application does not calculate the mileage. This application relies on a positioning system provided by the ODO10, ODO18, ODO25, ODO50 or ODO70 solutions.


ODOTRACK provides its business customers with the tools and technology needed to accurately manage mileage and expenses, in the aim of maximizing and protecting their tax deductions, and giving them better control and peace of mind, in compliance with government tax regulations.

A world leader in the field of vehicle taxation, ODOTRACK is now more than just a simple mileage logbook.

At ODOTRACK, we are proud to have a dynamic and dedicated team that is constantly focused on achieving objectives. Besides working closely with other departments, the ODOTRACK team is distinguished by its professionalism, its resourcefulness, its versatility and especially, its ability to adapt quickly to the various changes related to vehicle taxation and technology.
Odotrack Group Inc.