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The Odido App gives you instant insight. Do you have a subscription for home, mobile, business or Prepaid? Great! With this app you can quickly check your usage, bills, subscription, credit, purchases, accounts and much more. Just sign in with your Odido username and password. And if you have more than one subscription, you can easily add the others.

It starts with the Odido App
- a new phone
- another subscription
- answers to all your questions

Everything under control
- you can check your usage, bills and payments
- easily alter subscriptions and bundles.
- quickly manage what you want to change

Made for you
- recommendations especially for you
- you'll immediately see whether you can renew
- easily top up your data

Everyone is welcome
- for home, mobile, business or Prepaid
- manage all your Odido subscriptions
- easy, and always accessible

- your account is fully secured
- two-factor authentication (2FA)
- Odido takes care of your privacy

App-Only Deals every month
- smart gadgets at a discount
- for home and on the go
- only in the app

The Odido App may ask permission for:
- access to your contacts to personalize your usage
- push notifications, for example during maintenance or when you can renew
We only use permissions for the Odido App and you can't send them to us.
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