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Odell is a simulation game made exclusively for Apple Watch(requires watchOS 2+).

Become a fish in Odell and dodge and eat your the way to your survival. With just a tap on your watch you can leave your dreary life for that of a fish in a real digital ecosystem!

The importance of maintaining our waterways and the animals within gives us a glance of our place in our environment. Everything is fighting to survive and playing the role of a fish in a small ecosystem and its struggle teaches us about the connectivity of our world.

And our world is old and new. The wonderful history of the soil under our feet lends to a better understanding of the world as a whole. Odell Lake in central Oregon is a special Oliotrophic lake that doesn’t grow plants well. They have troubles because the bottom of the lake is all ash. That ash was deposited ~6700 years ago when Mount Mazama erupted, spewing it and also splitting the watershed separating the important Bull Trout from the Deschutes watershed.

Now people live and play along the banks of Odell Lake and its tributary rivers. Like a lot of other waterways Odell was stocked with non-native fish. These fish have found a home in the food web but like every natural area, nothing ever stays static. Algal blooms from nutrient run-off threaten fish, humans and especially pets. The more we know and respect about our water the better we can help it be a better world for everyone, including fish.

Odell strikes a balance between a fun game and learning important things about the cycle of life and how it’s important to all of us. Inspired by an Apple II game from MECC, it harks back to a simpler time when computers booted in a second and the noises of floppies and beeps filled your ears.
Robert Linnemann