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Octopus Watch

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Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch is the easiest tool to manage the (smart) tariffs provided by Octopus Energy in the UK. Octopus Watch is a paymium app for iOS offering both a standard version which is a one-time purchase, and an optional subscription with additional features.

Ready to supercharge your savings?

Save significantly on your electricity bill, regardless of whether you're on Agile, Go, Cosy, Flux, Tracker, or any fixed tariffs (basic or eco 7). Thinking of joining Agile? Log into the app with just your postcode and check out local rates. If you want to see your consumption history, you'll need an Octopus Energy account and an active smart meter. Please note that support for Intelligent and Powerloop is currently limited, with only default off-peak times available. For the latest status on tariff support check out the wiki: .

With the standard version of Octopus Watch, you'll have all the tools at your fingertips to effectively manage your tariff:
• View your current rates in an instant (including for gas trackers).
• View your current electricity rates directly on yout Apply Watch!
• See all your upcoming rates in an easy chart and table.
• Instantly get the cheapest times to run appliances or charge your EV, and save big!
• Use the beautiful widget for current and upcoming prices on your home screen.
• Receive alerts when the next day's Agile rates are available.
• See your historic day-by-day usage.
• See when your meter fails and how much data is missing.
• Understand how weather influences your usage.
• Intelligent Agile↔Go comparison based on your time of use (only available without export meter).
• Check your earnings from export (only available with an export meter).
• Various options to change the app defaults to best suit your needs!
• Export cleaned data to CSV for easy use in other apps such as Microsoft® Excel®.

Want even more? A single subscription gets you access to these amazing features:
• Up to 48h Agile rate predictions – plan your usage effectively and save even more!
• If you have an export meter, also receive Agile export rate predictions.
• Access 7-day weather forecasts across Great Britain for even better planning.
• Instant notifications when next day's Agile prices fall below your chosen threshold.
• Identify optimal half-hour blocks throughout the day to charge your EV or run appliances.
• carbon integration - see your environmental impact both now and in the past.
• View your electricity generation regionally or nationally, and adjusted to your usage.
• Choose the best slot based on either price or lowest carbon emissions on the grid.
• Day details – see your exact usage along with numerous statistics on a day-by-day basis.
• Day details – see exactly which data is missing when your meter stops reporting.
• Micro-optimise your usage with half-hour details within the app.
• Generate straightforward single-page energy reports for any period in the last 4 months.

Thanks to Family Sharing you can install the app on all devices within the same family. Install it on your iPhone for an easy pocket reference, run it from your iPad to see the beautiful rate graph and double column table, or see the current rate with a flick of your wrist on your Apple Watch with dozens of complications to choose from. The choice is yours! Octopus Watch also supports subscription sharing, so one subscription gives you access to all the extras on all the iPhones and iPads in your household.
Kim Bauters