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Octopus Energy Agile Watcher

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Octopus Energy Agile Watcher

Agile Watcher is an unofficial app built for Octopus Energy Agile customers to view current rates and consumption. To use this app you must be on an agile electricity tariff.


• View your current agile rate
• See the day ahead for agile rates (published around 4pm each day)
• Set reminders for agile rates
• View electric consumption and pricing including half hour slots up to 30 days
• View gas consumption up to 30 days
• No ads or subscriptions, pay once with regular free updates

Device and iOS info:

• Add to Siri
• Apple Watch app
• Share Electricity Rates
• Today Widget
• iPad split screen
• Dark Mode
• VoiceOver

Available for iPhone and iPad. Also available for Mac included with your purchase.
Rob Sammons