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OctoPod for OctoPrint

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OctoPod for OctoPrint

Control your 3D printers with this free open source OctoPrint client application from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Siri. You can securely monitor and control all your printers from anywhere. Supports OctoPi installations, OctoEverywhere, The Spaghetti Detective and Palette2 integrations.

- Safe remote access via OctoEverywhere and The Spaghetti Detective tunneling
- Unlimited number of printers. Includes dashboard to monitor all printers at once
- Multiple webcams per printer including full screen & zoom in/out. MJPEG and HLS supported
- Receive push notifications by adding the also free 'OctoPod plugin for OctoPrint'
- Apple Watch support including multiple complications
- Apple TV app to monitor and control your printers from a TV
- Siri support to control and monitor printers, Palette 2 and Enclosure switches
- Support for iOS 14 widgets
- Palette 2 integration. Control your P2/P from the iOS app or via Siri
- Automatically discover OctoPrint installations when adding new printers
- Monitor RPi temperature and receive alerts when RPi gets too hot
- See files preview/thumbnail. Requires PrusaSlicer Thumbnails or Ultimaker Format Package plugins
- Watch Timelapse files or share them via any social app
- Use Today Widget to quickly monitor all your printers
- Get alerts when new OctoPrint plugin updates or new versions of OctoPrint are available
- Protect your prints using "App Locked" mode (aka read-only mode)
- Monitor progress of current print
- Start, stop, pause, resume, restart and cancel prints
- Set and monitor temperatures of extruders, bed and heated chamber
- Move X, Y, Z and E axis while watching the printer
- Control fan speed, flow rate, feed rate and disable each individual motor
- Watch live temp chart with Temp history
- OctoPrint's System Commands support
- Watch terminal and send arbitrary GCode commands
- Internationalization and localization: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, Swedish, Russian, Dutch languages and Simplified Chinese supported
- Synchronization of printers between iOS devices
- File management support
- iCloud integration. Print files from iCloud/Google Drive/Dropbox/Box
- Print from files stored in OctoPrint or SD Card
- Custom Controls support
- Cancel Object plugin support
- DisplayLayerProgress plugin support
- Enclosure plugin support
- BLTouch plugin support
- Filament Manager plugin support
- OctoRelay plugin support
- Turn on/off PSU (requires PSU Control plugin)
- Turn on/off TPLink plugs (requires TPLink Smart plug plugin)
- Turn on/off Domoticz switches (requires Domoticz plugin)
- Turn on/off Belkin Wemo switches (requires Wemo plugin)
- Turn on/off Tasmota switches (requires Tasmota plugin)
- Includes Basic and Digest HTTP Authentication when running behind a reverse proxy
- Use iOS Dark Mode or choose your favorite UI theme
- iOS accessibility support for bigger fonts
- Access OctoPrint's web UI from the app

Source code is open and available to the community:

FAQ can be found here:

App Preview Music:
Notifications sounds:
Icons made by:
Gaston Dombiak