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Ocean Watch

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Ocean Watch

• Over 3,300 stations on every coast of the US and beyond. (Note: limited support for stations beyond the US and Caribbean)

• Stunning graphics and innovative visualizations to make sense of the information you care most about.

• Comprehensive support for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

• Tide predictions anywhere anytime. Sophisticated prediction algorithms and decades of data, all included so you don’t need a data connection.

• Apple Watch support means that the tide is just a glance away

• Innovative user interface. Everything is just a swipe away.

• Integrated Sharing so you can plan with friends.

• Interactive Almanac so you can see the future and make your plans.

• Integrated Station Map to get the big picture.

• Make it personal with custom notes and images.

• Widget supports puts the tide on your home screen.

• Apple Watch supports provides everything at a glance.

• Complication support means you can have tide tide on your watch face itself.

• Robust iPad support with unique visualizations.

• Climate Change model that previews the profound impacts of climate change on our future

• Tidemarks to keep track of meaningful heights in your local context
Blue Bright Labs LLC