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Occhio air

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Occhio air

Occhio air

The Occhio air app offers unique possibilities for you to stage your space with light — with a maximum of ease. Setting up the system using the app is simple and intuitive! It's a breeze to control your luminaires — no wires needed. And that goes for your luminaires from Occhio as well as those from many other manufacturers.

You can assign luminaires to groups and control them all at once — switching on and off, dimming and fading the entire group. These can be all wal luminaires for example or all luminaires in one room.

You can define an ideal lighting mood for certain situations once and then retrieve the exact setting again and again — so you'll have your personal favorite light, for instance, when working, watching TV or having dinner. And every luminaire can even be included in multiple scenes – in the brightness you have specified for that scene.

The gallery lets you experience lighting control in a very special, intuitive way: Simply take a picture of your room and select the luminaires in the image that you want to control. You'll be able to control your light right from that image!

Occhio controller
Occhio offers the Occhio controller as an additional control option, along with the app, which can be programmed by the app to control four different luminaires, groups or scenes - switching them on/off, dimming or up/down fading – with no need for an iPhone or iPad at all.

Either the Occhio Sento luminaires with »air« heads or »air« modules can be used as receivers. Once the luminaires have an electrical connection, they will appear in the app as »Nearby devices« and can be controlled via app immediately.

Occhio Sento luminaires can be switched on and off, dimmed and faded. »touchless fading« is a unique Occhio feature — it allows the full light output to be drawn from one side to the other. You can thereby change the mood of the room with a simple gesture on your iPhone or iPad.

Occhio air modules can be connected to any trailing-edge phase cut dimmable luminaire. They can then be switched on/off and dimmed with the app.
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