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Obtain is a simple weight tracker with a little extra.

Rather than just tracking your progress to your ideal weight, it also let you set up Markers (smaller goals) that you can reach along your journey. This is all designed to help keep you motivated through the process. Losing weight can be tough, keep track of it shouldn't be.

- Quick and easy access recording your weight.
- Ability to set smaller, easier to reach goals (Markers) so you can stay motivated.
- Quickly see your loss/gain from your last weigh-in and BMI.
- Setup custom notifications to remind you to weigh-in.
- Stats that show your progress from the last 7, 30, 90 days and year.
- Works for those trying to gain weight as well.
- Integrates with HealthKit
- Miss a goal quickly edit it and all future goals and get back to work to hit it the next time.
Minorbits LLC