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Obsidian Authenticator

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Obsidian Authenticator

Obsidian is a 2 Factor Authentication app designed for security, privacy, usability, and seamless syncing between devices, to let you manage 2FA like a pro.

Use it to protect your accounts and crypto-wallets.
Obsidian is compatible with Google, Instagram, Binance, Kraken, Twitch, Amazon, and more.


- Secure
Obsidian uses the iCloud Keychain to operate securely. Your data are never transferred or stored in any other external server. It also features FaceID and TouchID.

- Privacy-aware
Obsidian does not collect data nor require a sign-up to function.

- Syncing
Obsidian syncs your data between your iOS and macOS via iCloud Keychain.

- Beautiful Design
Customize Obsidian to catch your eye with multiple themes and visual modes

- Automatic Backups
Obsidian creates a daily backup every time you perform a change (add, delete or modify) to your accounts. In this way you can always “go back in time”.


What is an OTP?
OTP stands for One Time Password, it usually represents a token that refreshes every 30 seconds and is requested by systems upon signing in to a new device.
This means that even if an attacker steals your password for your Instagram account he/she will not be able to use it.
Obsidian will keep you safe in case you get hacked.

Coming from Google Authenticator?
Obsidian features a way to import your data from Google Authenticator.
From the Google app generate the QRCode to export your data and scan it with Obsidian.

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