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USA Invention Patent 10188312
TAIWAN Invention Patent I 601527
RUSSIA Invention Patent 2671070
CHINA Invention Patent ZL 2016 8 0000432. X
JAPAN Invention Patent 6575768
Ukraine Application No. a 2016 11006

1. The test result of the app is only provided for promoting health and can absolutely not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

2.It can be only provided as a health intelligent monitoring system of life quality.

3.Users may need to seek a doctor's advice in addition to using this app or before making any medical decision.


FI spectrum analysis:
After detecting an Allone275 or Allone276 device, we can measure the parameters of facial spectrum with AR effects. Therefore, the parameters of facial spectrum will be analyzed by cloud and get 12S parameter, which is used for analysis reports. In addition, 12S can also be measured by heart rate with HealthKit APIs on Apple Watch app.

The body health reports based on the parameters obtained from the analysis:

1.Written Report: The index of 1 to 6 indicates the weak, heat and yin, yang changes.

2.Twelve Meridian Energy Chart: Through the 12S dielectric parameters to see the change of weak and heat.

4. 12S Energy Analysis Chart: Compare to the previous 12S data record.

5.Energy Therapy Analysis:
5-1 Spiritual Energy Conversion Force: Analyze the sounds received from outside of the human body and information from all sensory aspects to see whether effectively transform to the energy.

5-2 Fluctuation Polymerization Force: In daily diet, whether the nutrients and water consume can be absorbed evenly and converted or transformed effectively in every cell.

5-3 Negative Energy Balance Force: Whether the wastes and toxins derived from daily diet can be evenly metabolized and effectively excreted.

6. 24D-NLS: O1-275-6FI analyzes the 12S data by the NLS equation and converts it into the mild magnetic field. The outcome of the energy level compares to mild magnetic field energy change, so that more accurate theoretical calculation can be performed.

7. Cell Energy Analysis: The energy state of cells is displayed in a color and image. Moreover, the results will compare to the previous measurement results to see its progression.

8. AR spectrum intervention: The measurement process is presented in AR. When the measurement is completed, the result will combine with FI spectrum and electromagnetic space sensing parameters to compare one million people and 54 billion parameters through cloud analysis to simulate the data of organ cell after supplying.

9.Spectrum transcription:
A non-invasive and safe electromagnetic resonance technology. ALLONE 276 device use the electromagnetic space-sensing transmission characteristics and NFC to identify the automatic resonance of the identified object, the mild inductance and the mild magnetic field inductance technique, etc.

10.Fluctuation bandwidth:
The frequency of each substance can be digitally transcribed. According to the needs from the users, the enhanced spectrum code is selected for transcription. The technologies of passive frequency modulation include: wafer, antenna, wireless communication, data conversion, coding, etc.

11. Spectrum Adjustment: Teach users to adjust the dielectric change of the meridian points by breathing training. There are five functions as following.

11-1 Exercise Mode: Each swinging movement and the amount of calorie consumed will transfer to ALLONE 275 device to record the dielectric changes in the meridian.

11-2 Induction Mode: After sensing the acupuncture points of the human body, the dielectric change of meridian points can be adjusted.

11-3 Quantum Entangled Recovery: After sensing the acupuncture points of the human body along with the variation of acupoint dielectric. Therefor, the dielectric change of meridian points can be adjusted.

11-4 Fusion: Integrated space quantum entanglement wave fusion technique.