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NYC Subway Near Me

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NYC Subway Near Me

The app provides the information on train schedules at the subway stations in New York City near a user.

NYC subway stations near a user
- A list of NYC subway stations sorted by the distance from a user
- A user can set the maximum distance (up to 3 km or 1.9 miles) to control the list

Train schedules at a subway station
- Accessible by selecting a subway station
- A map indicating the locations of a user and the selected station
- A list of subway trains sorted by the approximate arrival time
- A user can set the maximum arrival time (up to 1 hour) to control the list
- A user can download more recent information by clicking 'Refresh', which may be available ~1 minute after the last refresh.
* The source of the train schedules is the MTA's real-time data feeds (

Trip Schedule of a train
- Accessible by selecting a train
- A list of subway stations with estimated arrival times
Jae-Seung Lee