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NX Field

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NX Field

NX Field is a remote photography application developed by Nikon Corporation.
Use your iPhone or iPad to remotely configure, operate, and release the shutters on up to nine cameras connected to a network.
Download image data to your iPhone or iPad.
Upload pictures directly to an FTP server while the app is running.

Supported Digital Cameras as of April 2024
Z 9, Z 8, D6, D5, Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 7, Z 6
Use of these features requires that the camera firmware be updated to a version that supports NX Field (a fee is charged for this service).
The update will be performed by a Nikon-authorized service representative. For more information, visit the site below.
The update is not available in some countries; for more information, contact your service provider.
Some functions may not be available with some cameras. Please see the NX Field system user's manual for more information.

Principal Features
- Control remote cameras (up to a recommended maximum of nine) from your iPhone or iPad.
- Display the view through the camera lens on your iPhone or iPad during shooting.
- Use a gamepad to control remote cameras connected to your iPhone or iPad.
- The iPad version can be used to take pictures remotely while displaying the views through the lenses of up to nine remote cameras simultaneously.
- Adjust exposure, focus, white balance, image quality, auto capture, and other settings remotely.
- Remotely format memory cards and edit the FTP profiles on the remote cameras.
- Release the shutters on all connected remote cameras simultaneously. You can also release the shutters on selected cameras one at a time.
- Upload pictures directly from the remote camera to an FTP server.
- Copy saved settings for all remote cameras to other iPhones or iPads.
- The iPad version can display the locations of remote cameras using hand-annotated drawings.
- Cabled Ethernet connections offer greater reliability and faster image transfer than wireless connections.
- Images recorded by remote cameras can be displayed as a list or group of thumbnails.
- Voice memos can be recorded and attached to images.

System Requirements
iOS15.6 or later
iPadOS15.6 or later
There is no guarantee that this app will run on all devices.
Information on supported devices is available from the support site below.

- The app may not perform as expected depending on your environment and network conditions.
Users in China must select Simplified Chinese as the operating language for the destination device when installing and using the application.

Using the App
For more information on using the app, see the guide at the website below.
Nikon Corporation