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NV Move

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NV Move

Get rewards from Careem, Souq, GuavaPass, Fitness First, and Helpbit when you collect trophies from your steps.

NVMove is a free service app powered by Nature Valley to help you get out, stay active and stay healthy in nature.

* You’ll be able to track and map every walk or jog, and for every 70,000 steps you take, you earn a trophy that you can redeem for real rewards!

* Stats are there to help you improve your performance. Discover new routes and save or share your favorites.

* Whether you’re a beginner on your first walk or a pro jogger, you’ll find the features and tools you need to stay on track and keep you motivated along the way.

* The app will also allow you to enter global competitions and access fitness events.
Every move counts...


How do the rewards work?
For every 70,000 steps recorded on the app, you will receive a trophy. For every 4 or more trophies, you can redeem a gift from one of our partners such as Careem, Souq, GuavaPass, Fitness First, and more.
Marwan Abdelaziz