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Nutrilife Diabetes Glucose Tracker Carb Counter

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Nutrilife Diabetes Glucose Tracker Carb Counter

NutriLife, a comprehensive nutritional management tool, can help you track vital health indicators: nutritional goals, caloric intake, exercise, medication dosage and schedule, glycemic index, meal planning, and much more. If you want to improve your health and feel great, NutriLife has everything you need!

NutriLife has mapping so you can track your Run, Walk or Hikes. Included is geofencing so you will be alerted when you arrive at your previous start location. NutriLife also has step tracking to keep track of your steps and distance.

Healthy diet combined with exercise is a proven combination for improved quality of life and long-term good health. NutriLife provides all the tools you need to manage the components of healthy living - accurately and easily - with no Internet connection required! From nutritional goal setting to medication reminders - the simple format features easy data entry for tracking daily activity, user friendly report options, an alert system for reminders, and a feature that allows you to email information directly to your physician!

NutriLife is designed specifically to manage your diet, exercise programs and record events such as drugs and vitals.


•Tracking your meals and components that affect you blood sugar
•Keep records of exercises, drug intake, vitals and lots more
•Monitor all aspects of your food intake
•Detailed meal planning and recipe
•Mapping for Runs, Walks and Hikes
•Email your data directly to your doctor
•Automatic calculations of the recommended food intake
•Huge existing food database (user expandable)
•Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load on most food items
•Scanner to scan bar codes and gather data from online databases
•Pedometer shows current day steps and miles as well as records all info
•Complete meal records including 53 components of every food item
•Recipe Samples
•Build your own recipes
•Does not require an Internet connection (except for the scanner)
•Record keeping (graphical reporting and excel)
•Data sharing with your health practitioner
•Exercise plans
•Alerting (diet, exercise and medicine)
•Back up and restore data built into app
•A1C Calculator

If you have a iPhone 5s or better the pedometer is built into your phone! You don’t need a wristband or any other hardware.

NutriLife Diet and Health Management - Meal Plans and Recipes - Diabetes - Fitness, Exercise and Workout Plans and Schedules - Vital and Drug Tracker - Glycemic Index and Load – Pedometer Steps Counter – Blood Sugar Tracker

** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.