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NURVV Run insoles and Coaching App accurately capture your running using 32 precision sensors to provide the most important run data from the most relevant part of your body - your feet.

The NURVV Run Coaching App then analyzes your run data using biomechanical principles to deliver actionable insights and real-time coaching, so you know exactly how and where to improve.

NURVV Run removes the guesswork and coaches you to run to a target pace or finish time and indicates how sustainable your running is, through the following features:

Technique analysis
Understand the most important technique factors of cadence, step length,  foot strike, pronation and balance with personalized form reports and guidance.

Technique workout with live in-run coaching
Select your target pace and finish time for any distance. Based on your current performance NURVV Run will show you what is achievable, and how to optimize your technique to hit your goal. Live in-run audio and visual feedback then gives real-time step length and cadence coaching to keep your pace on track.

Running health
A unique score indicating how sustainable your running is based on your training load and running technique.

Training load
Get recommendations on how far to run over the next 7 days to optimize your training.

Running outdoors
NURVV Run’s advanced positional technology means you can run in any urban or rural environment with unrivalled accuracy.

Running indoors
Maximize progress on the treadmill when you can’t get outside.

Phone free
Use the stop/start button on the insole tracker to run phone-free and get your technique and performance insights post-run.

Apple Watch (series 3 and above)
The ultimate run companion to allow you to run phone free. Haptic feedback, visual alerts and audio cues give you real-time feedback.

Live in-run coaching
Receive audio coaching feedback.

The NURVV Run coaching app relies on the unique and accurate data received from NURVV’s insoles and trackers - have you got the NURVV?

The Nurvv App uses Apple Health details to calculate in run metrics and record activities.
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