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nurture is a biofeedback app designed to help you gain better control over your nervous system

nurture is an evidence-based way to train yourself to relax and enter a deep state of calm. use this app however you want, whether it's for your yin yoga sessions, some stretching, meditation or to sleep. conquer stress, deactivate your fight or flight mode. monitor your heart rate variability (hrv) and health points (hp) over time to see how the strength of your parasympathetic nervous system is developing!

feedback: email [email protected] | twitter @ai_nurture

note: integrates with Health app to obtain heart rate and heart rate variability data for biofeedback and saving workouts

new features coming soon:
sleep analysis
app demonstration videos
more complications
hrv frequency analysis and biofeedback
hrv analysis and biofeedback (powered by artificial intelligence)
Mustafa Iqbal