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Better Handoffs & Organization for Nurses! Trusted by over 10,000 nurses, NurseBrain® makes it super easy to organize your patients and tasks without compromising HIPAA or patient privacy!

Care Plans:
Build customized care plans for your patients using evidence based Clinical Care Classification system. Enhance your clinical practice using the built in Nursing Process!

Clinical Decision Support:
Make clinical decisions quickly and accurately! In collaboration with Merck Manuals® and Medline Plus (from the National Institute of Health), NurseBrain® provides personalized evidence based medical information tailored specifically to your patients automatically!

NurseBrain®, is a cross-platform app that works on both desktops and mobile devices. You can access your report sheet from your work computer or your personal mobile device. NurseBrain® is perfect for inpatient and long term care settings. It currently supports the following care settings:

Intensive Care
Medical Surgical,
& more Coming Soon!

NurseBrain®, has the best nursing todo list available! Nurses can create tasks that occur once or reoccur multiple times (e.g., turning a patient every 2 hours). In addition, nurses can save a set of tasks they perform frequently into a routine and then assign that routine to as many patients as they want, saving even more time! For example, if a nurse has 4 patients and a routine consisting of 5 tasks (e.g., check vitals, do assessment, turn patient, check input/output, give report), the nurse can assign all 5 tasks to all 4 patients resulting in 20 tasks created in less than 10 seconds. And, when a task is due, the nurse will get a friendly reminder on their mobile device or smartwatch!

Getting report has never been faster or easier! Import your patients from your facility's EHR or scan the in-app QR-Code during handoffs. Don’t feel like typing? You can enter information into any text field using just your voice!

NurseBrain® does not collect any Protected Health Identifiers(PHI). Information entered into the app is stored securely and encrypted (in rest and in transit) on the cloud.

NurseBrain®, is updated regularly to provide nurses with an unmatched clinical experience they can trust and rely on. Visit to get curated educational content, expert nursing advice, exciting offers and the inside scoop on the latest NurseBrain features!

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