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This app adds following functions to NuAns "CONE" speaker light with lightning dock.

1. Alarm Clock
This app can display a clock with your preferred design, analog, digital or digital with calendar, and you can use CONE as an alarm clock light.You can choose white or black background according to your interior design, iPhone color or CONE body color.

2. Sleep timer
You can set sleep timer as you start playing music while you awake and after your designated time (15min is default) it gradually fades out music and light in 60 seconds.

3. Wake up alarm
You can set alarm time and it turns on light and play music at that moment and you can wake up comfortably with light and sound.

4. Plays music
As you can play music within you music library in this app, you don't need to switch to in order to play music.

5. Calendar
You can display calendar with digital clock on your iPhone or iPod touch. And on iPads you can also choose analog clock with calendar.

6. Weather forecast
You can see weather forecast for today and tomorrow with information from locations in Japan) and OpenWeatherMap. Weather icon is originally designed as you can understand at a glance and have consistent design textures.

7. Apple Watch support
You can remote control CONE's light and speaker, sleep timer and wake up alarm from your Apple Watch.

At a first startup, you will see guidance screen to learn how to use this app. This guidance pictures can be accessed at any time on "How to use app" item in Settings screen.
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