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NSW GeoTours

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NSW GeoTours

Take a trip back in time and discover the incredible stories of Earth’s history. These self-guided tours give insight into the spectacular geology of New South Wales, telling the story of millions of years of Earth’s evolution.

Fun for everyone:
• Walking grades help you determine what trails suit you.
• Get information on distances between stops, estimated completion times and location alerts.
• Some stops have audio, so you can enjoy the scenery while still learning about the amazing geology.
• Stuck at home? No problem. You can still experience the tours from the comfort of your home, as each stop offers a variety of images about the geology.

Discover things to do:
• Find nearby attractions and activities.
• Learn about Aboriginal features associated with each trail location.

• Download tours before you visit, then enjoy the experience without internet.
• Locate public amenities near stops and along the entire trail.
• Check safety information for each trail.
• Get directions to a trail or stop via Google Maps.

Unearth the beauty of geological features and landscapes, and how they impact our history and modern life.

Discover the Port Macquarie Coastal Geotrail and the story of plate tectonics:
• Journey deep below Earth’s surface and see amazing, rare rocks.
• Learn how Earth’s crust is formed and how it moves.
• Witness rocks made by volcanoes and microscopic marine creatures.

Explore ancient landscapes on the Newcastle Coastal Geotrail:
• Dive into the last 250 million years of Earth’s evolution and how it shaped human history.
• Visit sites of volcanic eruptions, mighty rivers and forests that stretched to the horizon.
• Uncover evidence of the separation of Australia and New Zealand.

Immerse yourself in a volcanic landscape at the Warrumbungle National Park:
• Travel to the very heart of the Warrumbungle Volcano and learn its story.
• See evidence of dynamic volcanic processes, like lava flows and exploding lava domes.
• Discover the effects of volcanic activity on ancient sandstone landscapes.
This tour consists of five geotrails, each revealing a different part of the story. With the choice of walking and driving trails, pick whichever suits your interest and travel plan.
Geological Survey of NSW